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Our Owner & Instructor: Isabele Sanden is the owner and CEO of Breathe Pilates and Wellness studio in Golden, Colorado, the only elite Fletcher Pilates studio and cancer exercise training facility on the front range.

Isabele is a third generation Fletcher Pilates teacher. She received her Fletcher Pilates instruction from Teresa Chickore at Pilates into life in Seattle, WA. She is trained in all forms of Pilates equipment including Matt, towel, barre, floor, reformer and tower, as well as pre-and post natal Pilates, rehab Pilates and is a fully certified cancer exercise and movement/oncology specialist.

Isabele is a Colorado native (East High Angel) and returned to Colorado from living in Seattle, WA in 2016. She has three very active children and loves to golf, dance, ski and ride horses.

She began her journey with Fletcher Pilates in Seattle where she experienced the powerful physical and mental strengthening and healing Fletcher Pilates provides. Fletcher Pilates focuses on movement inspired by the development of cardio through breath, and incorporating the fundamentals of core strength, oppositional energies, stability, balance and grace that develops with each body from the inside out.

Many people are not aware that Joe Pilates and the Pilates method was first inspired and designed for men in the military. The benefits of the machine work, ergonomic development and muscle lengthening and strengthening really cater to the needs of men. 

The Pilates method is also a natural fit for women of every age, and is very good practice for pregnant women and for seniors looking to maintain and build their strength, flexibility and mobility. Isabele is also a breast cancer survivor and co-author of “Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors.”

Following a double mastectomy for her cancer, Isabele found there are numerous physically disabling side-effects that patients have from surgery and become accustomed to living with. She feels fortunate that her Pilates training and conditioning helped her avoid and overcome many of these land-mines. She is determined to pass on this knowledge to others, now opening her studio to cancer survivors post-surgery and to others confronting a new diagnosis of breast cancer.

“Cancer survivors no longer have to except the fact that they have limited range of motion, poor posture, neck and back pain, lymphedema, chronic fatigue etc., following their treatment.“ Andrea Leonard, CETI

Isabele has always been involved in healing work, from being a top anti-infective and analgesic specialist and trainer for Ortho McNeil/J&J, to owning her own Pilates studio, which offers goal oriented wellness through Pilates. She taught up to the day of her surgeries, experiencing for herself the powerful connection between exercise and health. movement is imperative, to optimizing and maintaining the health and strength of our bodies and Minds… and of our circulatory system – the primary delivery system for nutrition and treatment to our cells and is what keeps us young.

She is determined to share this knowledge and help empower and protect women from the land-mines that come with treatments without preparation of the body. This year, Isabele not only opened BREATHE at her new location, she is now a fully trained Bio-electromagnetic Distributor for the Class II Medical Device BEMeR, and carries an incredible line of work-out and wear clothing: PEACH.

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