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    Owner of Studio

    Isabele Sanden

    For almost a decade , Isabele helped clients dealing with back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain from years of mental and physical stress that has built up over time.  She devote her time to every clients on there healing journey and it is her mission to get their life back to living, have better energy. can do more in life, walk better, feel better, move better, stand up taller, more courage, and feel happier.

    If you are one of those people who is silently suffering from back, knee or shoulder pain from years to sitting at work, or from past athletic injuries, or maybe an accident or injury and you want to explore options before surgery?

    Pilates is a gentle exercise that is just right for you. Isabele will help you throughout your healing journey.


    Know More About Isabele

    How Pilates Can Manage Lower Back Pain

    Source: HHS.Edu - Alyson Mackay

    Pilates improves the mobility of the spine by treating each vertebrae as an individual bone, emphasizing sequencing of the bones of the spine to stack on top of each other in the correct alignment.

    Joseph Pilates’ method, which was originally coined “Contrology”, consists of six main principles:

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    which focuses on the “powerhouse” as the center, involves effectively engaging your deepest abdominal muscles. The proper firing of your abdominal and spine muscles can prevent low back pain by providing increased support to the spine and by improving posture.


    is essential for mind-body connection and maintaining good form. This concentration then overflows into posture at work while sitting at a desk job, or maintaining good form while lifting a box from the floor.


    Muscle control refers to the strength and stability that is developed from repeatedly challenging your body via exercise. Motor control refers to the refinement of the movement patterns as the connection between the brain and the muscles improve.


    is a principle that comes with time by executing the Pilates exercises in a refined manner. With effective firing of muscles, proper form, and concentration, precision is made possible. With improved precision comes improved body awareness.


    is fundamental to fuel the powerhouse. Breath provides nutrients to the muscle, increased awareness to the exercises, and helps to engage the abdominals. Inhaling is associated with extension movements of the spine, while exhaling is associated with the engagement of the abdominals during bending movements of the spine.


    refers to the choreography of the exercise that allows one to gracefully transition from one motion to the next. This same flow carries over tro the proper body mechanics during activities of daily living to improve form and therefore reduce risk of injury to the low back.

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    What People Say About Isabele

    "Isabele work on my body on each hour..." 

    I’ve taken Isabel’s classes for more than 5 years. I’ve done her group mat classes and for the last 3 years she has taught me in private lessons. It’s always been very important for me to stay fit and healthy. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with Isabel

    "I have been seeing Isabelle weekly for close to 5 years now."

     She is SO knowledgeable and compassionate about her work, listens to you, gets to know your physical issues that need to be addressed during class, and has truly helped me become stronger joint-wise and muscle wise as I age.

    "My Lower Back Pain is 100% Better."

    I found Isabele one year ago after being told by my PCP, physical therapist, orthopedic, and pain specialist to try Pilates before any type of medical intervention for my lower back pain. Lucky me! I started working with Isabele and I’m happy to report my lower back pain is 100% better

    Here Are Some Of Pilates Workout For Back Pain

    Performed By Isabele Sanden

    Recovering from Back Pain Success Story

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