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What you get: Month of Pilates/2x/wk

42 Day Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan ($69 Value) Get rid of that bloating

One Month of on-demand Mat Classes, T-shirt and goodie Bag! 45 Minute Consult with Isabele ($100Value)

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New Evening Beginner Pilates Classes

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In this New Client Special you will get incredible results that you don't want to miss! 

  • Increases core strength 

  • Improve Posture

  • Gaining muscle mass

  • Help you burn more calories

  • Transform Eating Habits

  • Gives your body shape and definition


I have taken Pilates for years both Studio and Mat Classes ...so I know a good Teacher/trainer.The Pilates experience I have had training with Isabele has been nothing but exceptional!Her care, knowledge and experience develop a training path that is focused on my personal goals and she knows how to push me with finesse and skill so that I am constantly striving and improving. Plus I laugh and find myself enjoying even the hardest of her sessions! She is amazing! 

- Karen L

Isabele Sanden will be your Love Your Body Challenge Instructor

The Challenge Includes Not Only An Incredible Workout But All Of This:

Love Your Body Pilates

A MONTH OF PILATES CLASS with Isabele Sanden

 It will be 2 sessions a week – it help you train the muscles in your core to work in harmony. Increase your core strength, improves posture, gaining muscle mass, help you burn more calories, gives your body shape and definition.    

Watch Isabele's Pilates Class

Isabele Has Worked For A Decade Helping Clients Feel Great !

Love Your Body Pilates

Free Consultation ($100 value) 

Free consultation with Isabele Sanden, Breathe Pilates Studio Owner. She will help you throughout the process and journey. Any questions and queries you can ask to her. She will be preparing your training best and fits to your needs.

Meal Plan

Free 42 day Anti - Inflammatory Meal Plan ($69.99 value)

The meal plan will be given out to you as you start the bootcamp, it will help you transform you’re eating habits. So not only we are going to work on your muscles, this bootcamp will help you in your diet as well. When it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Nutrition and exercise are both important parts of losing fat and gaining strength. The combination of both exercise + healthy diet provides a complete healthy and fit body package.

Pilates Class

Free access Mat Class On-Demand Library ($200 value)

Your workout doesn’t need to be always at the studio, this on-demand library mat class will help you to continue your workout even at home. Working out at home could be really hard, the mental and physical effort it takes to re-purpose your living room into an exercise space is real and often down-played or ignored. 


However remind yourself that body transformations start with the mind, it is all in the mindset, your efforts and discipline. This Library will help you with that process.

Pilates Class

You will get a T-shirt and Goodie Bag

At the end of the bootcamp you will get a T-shirt as a congratulatory gift to making it to the end  

All of it is for ONLY $222  ($749.00 VALUE)

Get Started On Your Love Your Body Journey Now!

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Customer Reviews

I’ve taken Isabel’s classes for more than 5 years. I’ve done her group mat classes and for the last 3 years she has taught me in private lessons. It’s always been very important for me to stay fit and healthy. As a senior, high impact routines are no longer an option. Pilates provides strength and balance and Isabel works my whole body in each hour. She strengthens my inherent weaknesses and works with whatever “body” I bring to her each week. Her “lesson plans” are flexible and there’s always something new to keep the work interesting. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with Isabel.

- RW

I’ve only been doing Pilates a few weeks and I am just crazy about it!! Over the years I have done lots of different exercises and outdoor activities including marathons, half marathons, weight classes, step class, yoga and etc. thinking that I was keeping my body in good shape as I was aging. I tried Pilates and fell in love with it… It never seems to get easy and so I feel like I am working my body but in a good way with resistance. Isabele is an amazing teacher and keeps you aligned and corrected so that you get the most benefit from your exercise. I can’t imagine ever not doing Pilates because I feel like it is the best thing for your body!

- Dixie Bowker

I've been attending classes at this studio for several months and feel I'm making excellent progress after a major hip surgery.

Isabele's classes are very well paced, she gives great cues and individualized corrections.At the end of class I feel tired but energized, and don't get sore.

My balance has improved a lot and I feel a lot more confident walking outside.

I'd also recommend her Senior Pilates class, which also is great for strength and balance.

- Helen Story



Remember the most important relationship you will have is with your body and you will be living with it for the rest of your life ... And there is nothing more than just a perfect gift for your self is to start taking care of it.