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Welcome to our empowering resource center dedicated to helping you build strength in your back and neck before your mastectomy. We understand that preparing for this transformative journey requires physical and emotional readiness, and we're here to provide you with the tools you need. 

Introducing our FREE downloadable guide, specifically crafted to assist you in strengthening your back and neck muscles. This comprehensive resource is designed to support your recovery process and help you embrace the challenges ahead with confidence.


Let's get to know each other...

Hi My Name is Isabele Sanden, CEO of Breathe Pilates and Wellness studio in Golden, Colorado, the only elite Fletcher Pilates studio and cancer exercise training facility on the front range.

I have always been involved in healing work, from being a top anti-infective and analgesic specialist and trainer for Ortho McNeil/J&J, to owning my own Pilates studio, which offers goal oriented wellness through Pilates. I taught up to the day of my surgeries, experiencing for myself the powerful connection between exercise and health. movement is imperative, to optimizing and maintaining the health and strength of our bodies and Minds… and of our circulatory system – the primary delivery system for nutrition and treatment to our cells and is what keeps us young.

She is determined to share this knowledge and help empower and protect women from the land-mines that come with treatments without preparation of the body.

More about me


Inside this guide, you'll discover a range of exercises tailored to target your back and neck muscles. Each exercise is accompanied by clear instructions and illustrations, ensuring you can perform them safely and effectively. We've also included valuable tips and recommendations to optimize your strength-building journey.

It's about reclaiming your power, fostering resilience, and embracing the beauty of your transformation.

 Let this guide be your companion as you navigate this journey of strength and self-discovery. Take the first step towards empowerment today.


With Love From Clients

"I have been seeing Isabelle weekly for close to 5 years now." She is SO knowledgeable and compassionate about her work, listens to you, gets to know your physical issues that need to be addressed during class, and has truly helped me become stronger joint-wise and muscle wise as I age.


We encourage you to share it with anyone who could benefit from its contents, as we believe in the power of community support and uplifting one another. Remember, building strength in your back and neck is not just about physical well-being.