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Pilates and Beyond:

Back Pain Free Life

Say goodbye to backaches and hello to a life without limits – welcome to your Back Pain Free Paradise!

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Isabele Sanden

For almost a decade , Isabele helped clients dealing with back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain from years of mental and physical stress that has built up over time.  She devote her time to every clients on there healing journey and it is her mission to get their life back to living, have better energy. can do more in life, walk better, feel better, move better, stand up taller, more courage, and feel happier.

If you are one of those people who is silently suffering from back, knee or shoulder pain from years to sitting at work, or from past athletic injuries, or maybe an accident or injury and you want to explore options before surgery?

Pilates is a gentle exercise that is just right for you. Isabele will help you throughout your healing journey.

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