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Hi. This is Isabele

First, I want to congratulate you for downloading 🥳

• 6 Simple Upper Body Stretches to reduce stress and fatigue and assist with the compounding anxiety that is preventing you from remaining positive and focused on healing from Breast Cancer.

• 5 Strengthening moves that develop and maintain positive, healthy upper body posture, elevate mood and healthy endorphins, re-establish a sense of control over your mindset and health and strengthen the body for best possibly outcomes.

I’m super exited for you to get your hands on this information because you’re going to connect with something so powerful inside of you that will

• Set your mindset,

• Strengthen your body

• Awaken your center

• Prepare you

• SO that you feel better, stronger, more in control

• AND achieve your best possible outcomes

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But while you’re waiting,

I’ve got one question for you…

Are you struggling with Fear, Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety and Overwhelm? Did this diagnosis come out of the blue, or have you been concerned about a lump and it has finally been diagnosed? Are you asking yourself – how could this be happening to me? Are you struggling with how is this is going to effect your life? your family? your career? your body? Are you feeling exhausted or like you have no control?

Then I would like to help you with that for free….

But before I explain why….

Would you let me introduce myself and share my story? …

Yes? OK.

  • My name is Isabele Sanden, I am breast cancer survivor.

  • I am also a single mom of three beautiful kids, a foster daughter, two pups. And am the owner of BREATHE. A Pilates studio that is dedicated to wellness and wellbeing. I am a fully credentialed Exercise Oncologist, Movement Specialist, Wellness Coach and the Founder of Empower Wellness Movement. . . a program centered in the physical healing benefits of strengthening movement and its positive, healing effects for Breast Cancer patients and survivors. In my “previous life” before kids, I was a top Anti-infective and Analgesic Specialist for Ortho-McNeil a J&J company, and I worked closely with orthopedic and infections disease doctors in both hospital and outpatient. My experience with pharmaceuticals, working in the hospital/outpatient sector, and now my comprehensive understanding and experience with the physical body, teaching women to use movement to support and heal so that women THRIVE.

    I help executive women diagnosed with breast cancer

    • circumvent stress,

    • prevent the negative impacts of surgery and treatments on their bodies and

    • avoid mindset crash

    so that they can maintain a sense of control and function at high levels without losing connection with their bodies, their goals and their femininity.