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Soulful Sanctuary Retreat: Nourish Your Spirit

Escape to the serene beauty of La Fortuna, Costa Rica, and immerse yourself in a transformative experience at the Soulful Sanctuary Retreat.

Over four restful nights, you will nourish your spirit and rejuvenate your mind and body in the tranquil setting of Q House. 

Book your spot today and take the first step towards a more balanced and serene life

February 26, 2025 - February 29, 2025

Q House, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

"Step away from the stresses of life and embrace the serenity of Costa Rica Step away from the stresses of life and embrace the serenity of Costa Rica.

My Name is Isabele Sanden

I am the owner of Breathe Pilates Studio in Lakewood, Golden, Colorado. As a breast cancer survivor, my journey of healing and healthy living has deeply influenced my life's mission. Discovering Pilates was a pivotal moment for me, leading me to dedicate myself to health and wellness, and to share this path of healing and recovery with others.

Taking care of myself played a huge role in my cancer journey, helping me both physically and mentally. A big part of my recovery was finding relaxation, staying positive, and achieving peace of mind.

If you're feeling lost, stressed, or overwhelmed by life's challenges,

 and you're ready to take a step towards self-care, it's time to hit pause and prioritize your well-being.

Give yourself a break and join this retreat to find peace of mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Surround yourself with like-minded people, engage in healing activities, and immerse yourself in a serene environment. Your mental health is the foundation of a balanced and fulfilling life—nurture it with the care it deserves.

Retreat Inclusions

  • Round -Trip Plane Ticket

  • Accomodation

  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • Retreat Activities

    • Daily Pilates movement and Stretching

    • Rafting

    • Hiking

    • Rappelling

    • Zip lining

    • Encounter Wonders of Wild Life

    • Afternoon/Evening Wellness Hot Springs Experience

Why join the Retreat?

  • Escape the Everyday: Break free from your daily routine and immerse yourself in a peaceful, serene environment, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind: Engage in daily Pilates movement and stretching sessions to enhance your physical well-being and promote mental clarity.

  • Experience Thrilling Adventures: Enjoy exciting activities like rafting, hiking, rappelling, and zip lining, all set in stunning natural landscapes.

  • Connect with Nature: Encounter the wonders of wildlife and explore beautiful trails, allowing you to reconnect with nature and experience its calming effects.

  • Unwind in Natural Hot Springs: Soothe your body and mind with afternoon and evening wellness hot springs experiences, known for their therapeutic benefits.

  • Personal Growth: Take time for self-care, mindfulness, and personal development, leaving you feeling refreshed and empowered.

  • Build Community: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, fostering new friendships and a sense of community.

  • Create Lasting Memories: Participate in a unique blend of activities that combine adventure, relaxation, and wellness, ensuring unforgettable experiences.

  • Holistic Wellness: Embrace a holistic approach to wellness, balancing physical activity, relaxation, and personal growth for a comprehensive retreat experience.

Reconnect With Yourself

Ready to escape, unwid and rejuvinate? 

Prioritize your well-being and return home with a renewed spirit and a fresh perspective on life.

Breathe Pilates LLC