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Pilates for Cancer Recovery

Cancer Exercise Specialist

  • Breathe Pilates is an approved Cancer Exercise Specialist studio. Isabel Sanden, the Founder and CEO of Breathe Pilates is a breast cancer survivor and became certified through CETI in 2021. Breathe is fully accredited and certified to support you during your cancer journey. We are trained in all forms of cancer, the surgeries that are required for treatment along with cancer drugs and their interactions. We provide a safe and effective exercise program to help you along in your cancer journey.

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    Pilates Scholarships For Breast Cancer Recovery


    Breathe is an affiliate studio with Core Compassion Project a 501 (c) 3.We provide Pilates scholarships for Breast Cancer Recovery as well as scholarships for Lymphedema Sleeves and Fitness Bras

    Core Compassion Project® is a non­profit organization dedicated to offering Pilates scholarships to breast cancer patients in order to reduce the side effects of breast cancer treatment. Specialized Pilates fitness training helps to restore physical strength and mental well­ being.

    EaseOur program is designed for those with breast cancer to help ease the transition from treatment to daily life activities. The big challenge faced by many breast cancer survivors is fatigue both during and after cancer treatment.

    StrengthenRadiation and chemotherapy can cause one to feel tired and unable to perform daily activities. Pilates offers strength, confidence, self­ esteem, and quality of life to survivors. Focus is on quality of movement rather than quantity. To learn more about Core Compassion Project visit their website here!

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