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Building On The Basics Workshop

Developing And Precision In Your Pilates Practice To Transform Your Body Mind & Spirit



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What Is Building On The Basic Workshop?

Building On The Basics Workshop is all about helping you understand the basics of Pilates, and use that knowledge when you start your . This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more Pilates techniques, learn about what makes Pilates so effective, as well as for those who want to start their own practice after taking this course. During this 2-day workshop, we will work on basics of Pilates and finding your own style of working with Pilates.

What Benefits You Will Get In The Workshop

The workshop is for fitness, yoga, and pilates instructors

Looking for a deeper understanding of the basics and how to apply to level up teaching skills?

This workshop will deepen your understanding of cueing to develop your own teaching skills. The workshop will give you an opportunity to deepen your practice by learning new techniques or refining existing ones.

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The workshop is for those interested in becoming a pilates instructor

It will be a great way to learn and get started with Pilates.

This workshop provides an opportunity to build on Pilates foundations by adding hours to Pilates accreditation, enhancing personal practice.

Turning passion into a profession.

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The workshop is for those who love pilates

Gain a deeper understanding and connection to the work.

and you to deepen your understanding 

of the fundamentals to enhance their own personal pilates journey. 

This workshop is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge.

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Our Workshop Provides An Opportunity To Turn your Passion Into Your Profession And To Love Pilates Even More!

Watch The Video To See What The Building On The Basics Workshop Is All About

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Want To Attend The Workshop But Finances Holding You Back?

Apply For Scholarship Today!

What Is Building On The Basics Workshop Scholarship?

Building On The Basics Workshop reduced fee scholarships are available based on need and awarded based on the applicants ability to use workshop skills to facilitate an interest in becoming a Pilates Teacher at Breathe.

If approved, scholarships reduce the cost of workshops up to $100. There are a limited amount of scholarships available. Breathe Pilates will review applications and award recipients based on their described interest and financial need.

Special consideration will be given to those applicants who has expressed interest in continuing with the Breathe Foundations Instructor Training Program. If you have any questions, please contact Isabele Sanden at  +1 720-744-2194   or email [email protected]


This is an experience that will last for a life time both for your health and mind.

Meet Isabele Sanden Founder of Breathe Pilates

As a fitness instructor, you are always looking for ways to level up your connection with your clients and give them a better training experience. One way to do this is to deepen your understanding of the benefits of the breath-body connection and develop your hands-on queuing skills.

By doing this, you can ensure that they are getting the most out of their practice and avoid any injuries. If you are interested in taking your fitness instruction to the next level, take our workshop and learn more about Pilates. This will allow you to give your clients or your own personal journey in Pilates a much better training experience and help find a sense of calmness and relaxation in your or your client lives.

Still have Questions? See What My Community Has To Say...

I’ve taken Isabel’s classes for more than 5 years. I’ve done her group mat classes and for the last 3 years she has taught me in private lessons. It’s always been very important for me to stay fit and healthy. As a senior, high impact routines are no longer an option. Pilates provides strength and balance and Isabel works my whole body in each hour. She strengthens my inherent weaknesses and works with whatever “body” I bring to her each week. Her “lesson plans” are flexible and there’s always something new to keep the work interesting. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with Isabel.

- RW

I’ve only been doing Pilates a few weeks and I am just crazy about it!! Over the years I have done lots of different exercises and outdoor activities including marathons, half marathons, weight classes, step class, yoga and etc. thinking that I was keeping my body in good shape as I was aging. I tried Pilates and fell in love with it… It never seems to get easy and so I feel like I am working my body but in a good way with resistance. Isabele is an amazing teacher and keeps you aligned and corrected so that you get the most benefit from your exercise. I can’t imagine ever not doing Pilates because I feel like it is the best thing for your body!

- Dixie Bowker

I've been attending classes at this studio for several months and feel I'm making excellent progress after a major hip surgery.

Isabele's classes are very well paced, she gives great cues and individualized corrections.At the end of class I feel tired but energized, and don't get sore.

My balance has improved a lot and I feel a lot more confident walking outside.

I'd also recommend her Senior Pilates class, which also is great for strength and balance.

- Helen Story

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Transform your body, mind and spirit with Building On The Basics Workshop. Our expertly crafted opportunity will challenge you to reach new heights of understanding, strength, flexibility and connection. Get ready to feel empowered and reenergized as you discover your transformative power through Building On The Basics Workshop.